Meal Booking System


Special Diets For Lunch & Informal Hall
 If you have a dietary request (NOT vegetarian) for Lunch/Informal hall, be sure to e BEFORE 10am the day of the meal in question.
 During Formal Hall whilst the High Table are seated, it is not permitted for any student/guest to vacate the hall, any wishing to do so for a toilet break or otherwise, will not be allowed back in.
 Please note that during formal halls and black tie dinners please refrain from using cameras/mobile communication devices/cameras for calling/texting/browsing/taking pictures whilst in the formal hall..
Halal/ Nuts/Special Diets
 Halal meals are available at lunch as well as dinner. Please contact the kitchen by 10am if you require Halal lunch. Our food is prepared in a kichen where nuts are present, please inform the Kitchen/Hall Staff if you suffer from of any of the the 14recognised allergen.
 Must be in by 19:10 before the High Table come in. Must be wearing a gown and have your bod card. NO hats or any drinks to be brought in. Wine can be brought by the tills. NO LEAVING once High table are in unless you have finished your meal and NO mobile communication devices/cameras.
Vegetarian Sunday Dinner
 For Sunday dinner if you wish to book a vegetarian meal, you should select " SUN 3 CSE VEG". You DO NOT have to add "vegetarian" - the vegetarian element is already present in the abbreviation "VEG" .